Dienstag, 23. Januar 2018

Rodong Sinmun on Political and Ideological Might of DPRK

Pyongyang, January 23 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in an article says that the political and ideological might serves as great motive force for paving a wide avenue for building a powerful socialist country.
The article goes on:
Our political and ideological might is the strongest power guaranteeing the invincibility of socialism of Juche and powerful engine for putting the military, economic, cultural and all other fields on the high plane of a powerful socialist country.
And it serves as a fundamental source to raise the speed for building a powerful socialist country to the maximum.
The most powerful weapon for defending socialism is single-hearted unity of the army and people around their leader.
Our socialism has won victory after victory despite all sorts of hardships in the history because the army and people and socialism form a community united by the same destiny.
The world-startling successes have been achieved by the political and ideological might in the DPRK without let-up.
The world will clearly witness how socialist Korea will reach its high eminence of victory by advancing and struggling to attain the higher goal without remaining self-complacent with the achievements.
Though we have vast yet difficult tasks to be carried out, we are certain to emerge victorious in our general offensive this year as long as there are the seasoned leadership of the great Party and the might of single-hearted unity of the army and people. -0-

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